"How much time do they get to spend outside? " 

We guarantee at least three times a day, but honestly it's more around five. We like to give them privacy and play time.


"Can my dogs stay together?"

Yes, they can in our large and medium kennels with an additional daily charge. 


"Can we come visit or view prior to booking?"

Yes, call or text to set up an appointment.


"How much one on one time do they get?"

They get play time with someone from the team multiple times a day whether that is getting out and playing ball or sitting down for snuggles.


"Does my dog get to play with other dogs?"

We do allow your pet to play with others if other owners consent to their pet playing as well.  If no other guests are able to play, we have a few pups of our own that love to come out and play.


"What vaccinations do you require?" 

  • Rabies vaccine
  • Distemper vaccine (DHPP)
  • Bordetella vaccine - Kennel Cough 
  • Flea & tick preventative


"Do I receive updates?"

Yes, we send several updates via Facebook messenger or text during their stay.